Hand-Drawn London Exhibition Closes Soon: More Maps Wanted

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Last Updated 30 August 2011

Hand-Drawn London Exhibition Closes Soon: More Maps Wanted

Map of Anglo Saxon London, under constructionLondonist's exhibition of hand-drawn maps closes at the Museum of London on 11 September. If you haven't been yet, be quick!

The exhibition features eleven of the best maps from our ongoing series, all drawn by Londonist readers. Entries include a map of Brixton as a tree, the surprisingly verdant streets of New Cross, a guide to London's toilets and a chart of central Hackney featuring every building.

Although the exhibition will soon close, we're still looking for new hand-drawn maps to show off on the website (and perhaps include in a second exhibition next year). You don't even need to be good at drawing: it's the ideas and personality that count. Maps can show a tiny portion of London (one entry focussed on just Hoxton Square), or represent the entire capital. They can be ultra-precise or abstract. They might be themed. They might be experimental (try drawing the Thames with your eyes closed, for example). Anything, really.

So get scribbling and send photos to [email protected].

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