Hand-Drawn Maps Of London: South Kensington

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Last Updated 13 January 2011

Hand-Drawn Maps Of London: South Kensington

With the deadline approaching for entries into our Museum of London exhibition, we're receiving a steady stream of new submissions. Today's map (more hand-written than hand-drawn) comes from science-writer-about-town Alice Bell (you may remember her from such works as the Geek Calendar).

Befitting a science communicator, Alice's map shows South Kensington, or Albertopolis as it's still known on Google Maps. The area is home to three world-class museums, Imperial College, the Albert Hall and...well, have a read around the map, which contains more 'local's knowledge' than any of the prettier maps in this series.

If you'd like to have a go at doodling your own neighbourhood, send images to tips - at - londonist.com. To be considered for our upcoming exhibition, you'll need to get the hard copy to us by the end of next week (address supplied upon application).

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