Hand-Drawn Maps Of London: Patchwork London

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Last Updated 20 December 2010

Hand-Drawn Maps Of London: Patchwork London

Reader James Nicholls sends us this dainty rendering of the capital. At first glance, the 'patchwork' design looks rather neat. But examine the joins more carefully and you'll spot many a mis-alignment. James explains:

Although I'm Australian my mother grew up in London (during the Blitz no less) and I've always held great affection for the city - which I've visited on numerous occasions. So, the map. Each panel duplicates half a page of the London A-Z. Each was drawn freehand without comparison to previously drawn panels, resulting in a broadly accurate but fragmented chart of the city, marked with points of personal interest. The cross shape is coincidental - it's merely the shape that emerged as I depicted the areas of the city I'm familiar with.

Check out our archives for a cartographic bounty of other London maps. And there's still time to submit your own and potentially win a place in our upcoming exhibition at the Museum of London. Simply send images to [email protected]. The deadline is mid-January but the sooner the better.

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