Hand-Drawn Maps of London: Mappa Lundi

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Last Updated 07 May 2010

Hand-Drawn Maps of London: Mappa Lundi


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This truly exceptional map was put together by reader Matt Lancashire. His drawing takes inspiration from two very different cartographic traditions. The ordered, geometric arrangement of local areas clearly borrows from the Tube map, while both the name and haphazard labelling of features nods to a Mappa Mundi. The schema also resembles the handiwork of Sir Terry Farrell, who often sketches out his city masterplans in similar grid-like manner. Matt describes his thinking:

I don't actually live in London now, and last time I did was in Blackheath, but I've spent the last 10 years learning how the place joins up and have always believed it's arranged in more of a grid than most people realise. In actually drawing it, I was surprised how many exceptions there were to my griddy rule, and that I couldn't find a good map anywhere that showed the different regions of London.

Well, now there is a good map.

More maps needed!

However weak or strong your artistic skills, we want to see your take on a local London area. Be as inventive as you like. Please send images to [email protected].

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