Hand-Drawn Maps of London: Angel To Bankside

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Last Updated 18 August 2010

Hand-Drawn Maps of London: Angel To Bankside


Apologies, but our meagre column width means you'll have to open this PDF to fully appreciate this map.

This beautiful hand-drawn map and guided walk was put together by Léa Teuscher for her blog Londres Calling, which we believe might be French for 'London Calling'. We thoroughly approve of the route, which passes through some of the most intriguing parts of London (Postman's Park, the Museum of London, St Bart's and Smithfield, and...erm, City University). Très bon, as we believe they say in France.

Please send your own hand-drawn maps of London to [email protected]. The best will be featured in the Museum of London's Big Draw event in October, and possible future exhibitions.

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