Hand-Drawn Maps of London: Walthamstow By Mother And Daughter

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Last Updated 11 August 2010

Hand-Drawn Maps of London: Walthamstow By Mother And Daughter

After taking a break for a few weeks, our Hand-Drawn Maps series is back with a vengeance. Laura Porter of Golondon.about.com sends us this diptych of images of Walthamstow. The first shows Laura's take on her local neighbourhood. She concedes: "Sadly, the map highlights for me that I don’t have a very wild lifestyle in E17". Not at all, Laura. William Morris and aviaries are the new rock and roll.

The second map shows the same area by Laura's four-year-old daughter Alice. As she can’t yet write she has represented important locations with pictures. This definitely requires a key.From left to right:Brown blob = pitta bread, the Turkish supermarket is that wayPerson in a shape = nursery schoolYellow = chips, representing the local chip shopSmall square with circle and bit on top = washing machine, representing the local launderette where she talks to Jackie, the attendant, every dayPurple with green = ice lolly, representing Mr. Patel’s corner shopHouse with petals = our house but it can fly now, I’m toldBig green square = park with pond and people in the pond (it has neither) and a swing - that bit’s trueRed circle with blue line = that’s obvious; it’s the tube stationRed and blue with swirls = tea cups with hot drink inside (swirls = steam), representing the café we frequentIf we had big gold stars to give out, Alice would deserve three.Please do keep sending in hand-drawn maps of your local areas to [email protected]. We'll soon have a special announcement about an event/exhibition featuring the best of these maps, so stay tuned...Previously: Borough of Southwark, Brixton as a tree, Central London, Hampstead Heath, Central London with no street names, Driver's Mind Map, Fleet Valley, London as a grid, King's Cross and Islington, Mayfair, Mayfair Squares, New Cross, Notting Hill, Paris versus London, Pimlico, Rivers, Stoke Newington. x