Hand-Drawn Maps of London: Mayfair

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Last Updated 09 April 2010

Hand-Drawn Maps of London: Mayfair


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Well, we've had some absolute corkers in this series but nothing quite as fancy as this map by artist Alexander 6 (that may not be his real surname). The extra flair is appropriate given Mayfair's superior-than-thou graces. In the artist's own words: "It's a super-swanky map of Mayfair and all of the area's ridiculously over-priced luxury stuff... hand-drawn with pen and ink, with gold detailing."

You can view more of Alexander's work here.

We're still after further instalments in the series. Whether you command the draughtsmanship of Alexander, or have the pen skills of a four-year-old we'd love to see (and share) your efforts. So doodle up your own neighbourhood, with all your favourite pubs, restaurants, secrets and other highlights, and send a pic to [email protected].

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