Hand-Drawn Maps Of London: Hoxton Square

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Last Updated 26 November 2010

Hand-Drawn Maps Of London: Hoxton Square

It's been 'trendy' for a decade, yet has always had more than a touch of the doldrums about it. Hoxton Square is a schizophrenic place, lined with coders who think they're struggling artists, genuine struggling artists who haven't quite found the Overground to New Cross or Dalston, and a steady stream of the downcast, wandering in from Hoxton Street Job Centre. If any sociology undergrads are looking for a thesis, a comparison of Soho and Hoxton Squares would be a fascinating project.

Anyhow, here's a good starting point. Martin Usborne has doodled his impressions of Hoxton Square, apparently 'on a napkin in 5 seconds', highlighting the most probable places to encounter hoodies, the offensively trendy, and even a rare patch of grass. It's a pretty accurate rendition, but let us know if his all-seeing eye has missed any other peculiarities of this singularly peculiar place.

Send your own hand-drawn maps of London locations to hello - at - londonist.com. As well as appearing on Londonist, the most original efforts will go on display at our Museum of London exhibition next April.

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