Hand-Drawn Maps: Selected Loos Of London

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Hand-Drawn Maps: Selected Loos Of London

Maps are often objects of beauty as well as informative guides to an area. Paula Simoes excels in both, despite choosing the seemingly unglamorous subject of London's toilets for her map:

As a native Londoner, it is sometimes difficult to see the city in a new light. I've also lived in various areas throughout the years so I don't particularly feel as though I belong to one single neighbourhood. As a result of this, I decided to focus on an often overlooked aspect of London instead, namely its practical and often quirky loos! Quite a large area is covered here and the river acts as a good reference point to all the selected loos. I wanted my map to be useful yet fun. And let's face it, we all need loos - whether we find ourselves living in London or just passing through.

Doggy loos, an art gallery in a cubicle, paperless toilets, an egg-shaped lav...who knew that our local pivysphere was so diverse?

Feeling inspired? Why not use the Christmas hols to hand-draw a map of your bit of London (or the wider city under an unusual theme, as here)? The best maps will be selected for our upcoming exhibition at the Museum of London. Send entries to tips@londonist.com.

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Franco Milazzo

What about a map of ex-loos like Zero Aldwych?


What about the map of eye of London?



What about a map of ex-loos like Zero Aldwych?

Simon Rodway

We Blue Badge tourist guides to London have been locked in mortal combat with our old friends at The Corporation and Westminster Council, for years about the shrinking number of loos around town - loos that that are clean, attended and free. We often have coaches of elderly tourists who come up to London for the day from cruise ships at Dover or Southampton, who have no English money. Gated loos are unfriendly and unwelcoming. Loos are a joke for us Brits, the stuff of Carry On movies, but in the Far East millionaire philanthropists leave money in their wills for public loos, because then they know they will be kindly remembered. Thank you Paula for highlighting London's loos. The situation is becoming increasingly desperate. Our town planners need to turn current thinking on its head. Instead of down grading public loos, upgrade them. Build food outlets around them, make them safe places where you can leave shopping and kids, put on live entertainment. Make them centre stage social hubs, and it will help bring life back into our city centres. The days when London Underground and London bus stations ditched their public loos was a sorry day for London. Prime loo time was the Victorians and the 1930s. Ask the Victorians to build you a urinal, they'd build you a Temple to Urine. Where is that attitude today?

Cheers all

Simon Rodway
PR Officer
The Blue Badge Inconvenience Committee

Gail Ramster

I love this!

Didn't know about the Japanese toilet and I spend a lot of time quietly fuming in M&S on HSK (not that it's their fault. I only go in there for the loo. Couldn't Kensington & Chelsea afford a few more? *stomps foot*). I might have to plan a tour.

Cellar Door is another underground loo-turned-bar on The Strand opposite Somerset House (ish). It's poorly signed (just a red carpet I think) but it's got fun loos itself with glass doors that turn opaque when locked ooh!

I have a lot of public toilet opinions as you might have guessed -> more at gailknight.wordpress.com (our public toilet design research project)

London hotels

I believe the map of toilets is more useful than the map of eye of London. A toilet in the right moment is priceless :PP