Hand-Drawn Maps of London: The Fleet Valley

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Last Updated 28 May 2010

Hand-Drawn Maps of London: The Fleet Valley


Here's one we made earlier. This cack-handed but mysterious map of the Farringdon area was sketched out by Londonist M@ a couple of years ago, for reasons long forgotten. This part of the City is dominated by the River Fleet, now buried beneath Farringdon Road/Street, but still traceable thanks to the marked valley slopes to either side. The map contains plenty of puzzles and pictograms for you to decipher in the comments below.

More maps needed: It's a long weekend coming up, folks! The perfect opportunity to put crayon to paper and draw us that map you've been meaning to do. Maps can cover any part of the capital, from the whole city right down to one street. And, as with today's image, artistic merit is not important: it's the ideas that count. Send entries to [email protected]

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