Hand-Drawn Maps Of London: Secret Gardens

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Hand-Drawn Maps Of London: Secret Gardens

Central London is peppered with tiny parks and gardens. Many are ancient church yards turned to recreational use. Others, especially in the City, are old bomb sites from the Second World War. Reader Kathryn Abram has mapped some of her favourites, ranging from the gentle peace garden of St Dunstan-in-the-East to the rubble-based mound of Arnold Circus. The map makes no claims at being comprehensive, so feel free to suggest your own favourite gardens (especially south of the river).

When she's not drawing maps, Kathryn runs Trip Stylist, a company that collects together London's lesser-known gems and quirky bits of history into ready-made and tailored day out guides and self-guided walking tours. Find out more here, or follow on Twitter via @trip_stylist.

We're still looking for more hand-drawn maps. Our exhibition at the Museum of London has now closed, but we're going to keep the series running here (with a possible second exhibition some time in the future). Anything goes: maps of your local area with favourite bars, shops and characters, or the whole of London seen from an unusual perspective. The ideas and personal insights are more important than artistic merit. Take a look through some of the maps below for inspiration.

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Last Updated 27 September 2011


I take it these are all public access - yes?


As far as I know, the last few times I've checked, Gray's Inn is locked to the public? But I believe the rest are open...


Hi guys, glad you like the map! Most are open all the time, as far as I know the only restrictions are as follows:
Finsbury Circus currently closed as part of cross rail work
Temple Gardens open to public 12-3pm weekdays
Grays Inn Fields open 12-2.30pm weekdays