What's The Best Pub In Outer London?

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Last Updated 29 May 2015

What's The Best Pub In Outer London?


Can you recommend a good pub in the outer boroughs of London? We're looking for special places that are worth making the journey to. We want to hear about any must-visit pubs in the boroughs labelled in the map above.

Our microsite of the Best Pubs in London is fast approaching 400 boozers. The vast majority, however, are in central London and the inner boroughs. Yeah, we've got some famous ones in Carshalton, Richmond and Barnet, but what of Havering, or Hounslow, or the vast conurbation of Croydon? We want to expand our drinking sphere to include the whole of London, and for that we need plenty of suggestions from our beer-loving readership.

You can nominate as many places as you like. And feel free to tell us why they're worth visiting. We'll then spend the summer visiting some of the most highly recommended, and will add them to the Best Pubs site. We'll also hold a pub crawl for readers, which will visit some of the more easily reached suggestions.

Leave a comment below, or tweet @Londonist with #OuterLondonPubs.

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