The Best Pubs In Dulwich

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The Best Pubs In Dulwich

The Great Exhibition...voted best pub in Dulwich. Photo courtesy of Ewan Munro.

We asked you to vote for the best drinking spots in and around Dulwich. You nominated around 40 different pubs (see map), but the following received the most votes.

1. The Great Exhibition - 19 votes
2. The EDT - 17 votes
3. The Crown and Greyhound (The Dog) - 14 votes
4. The Bishop - 13 votes
5. The Flying Pig - 11 votes
6. The Actress - 7 votes

Congratulation to the Great Exhibition, voted the best pub in Dulwich by Londonist readers. All six pubs will be added to our 'best pubs in London' microsite, after we've visited.

Map of all nominated pubs

Gold stars show the winning pubs, which we will visit on the pub crawl. Red pins show all other nominations. Several people plumped for places in Crystal Palace. We'll run a separate vote on this happy drinking area in a future instalment.

The Dulwich Pub Crawl

Note, this has now been cancelled. However, we will still visit the pubs soon, to add them to our database.

Want to join us on a sojourn around the top six pubs? We'll run a pub crawl on Saturday 13 September (note: date has changed from original of 6 Sept). If you'd like to join us, email [email protected] so we can keep an eye on numbers, and state whether you'd like to join us for lunch in pub #1, so we can book the appropriate space. Here's the plan:

12.30pm Meet at the Crown and Greyhound. As this is some distance from the rest of the pubs, we'll take our time here, and have some lunch. If you'd rather skip this, and the 20-30 min walk that follows it, you're welcome to start the crawl from pub #2, which is...
2.30pm The Great Exhibition
4pm The Actress
5.30pm The Bishop
7pm The EDT
8.30pm The Flying Pig

Londonist Pub Crawls

Having completed an ‘A-Z’ of areas, we’re now choosing other interesting parts of town. Vote winning pubs will be added to our Best Pubs in London microsite.

Last Updated 18 August 2014