The Zone 1 Pub Crawl

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Last Updated 28 April 2014

The Zone 1 Pub Crawl


What's the best pub in Zone 1? We asked you to nominate your favourite boozers in central London and you recommended almost 80. The poll was the final instalment of our two-year alphabetical pub crawl, with 'Part Z' represented by 'Zone 1'.

The top 10

Because the votes were spread over nearly 80 pubs, the top 10 are all individually fairly low scoring, but we do have a clear winner.

1. The Harp (23 votes)
2. The Blackfriar (13 votes)
3. The Princess Louise (10 votes)
4. The Cittie of Yorke (9 votes)
=5. The Churchill Arms (8 votes)
=5. The Cheshire Cheese (8 votes)
=5. The George Inn (8 votes)
8. The Old Red Cow (7 votes)
=9. The Anglesea Arms (6 votes)...just about inside Zone 1.
=9. The Royal Oak (6 votes)

Congratulations to The Harp, voted by Londonist readers as the best pub in central London, concurring with a whole heap of reviewers and beer awards.

Map of the best pubs in Zone 1

The map shows all the pubs nominated that fall within Zone 1 (a couple are right on the border, and possibly over, but we've included them anyway. Green stars show the top 10 pubs, most of which will be part of our pub crawl (see below), while red pins show all other nominations.

Zone 1 Pub Crawl

We've decided to visit seven of the top 10, missing out the (very fine) Old Red Cow, Cheshire Cheese and Cittie of Yorke, which all featured on recent pub crawls. The date for the crawl will be Saturday 10 May. If you'd like to come along, please email [email protected], so we can keep an eye on numbers.

12.30pm Meet in the Anglesea Arms for lunch
2pm The Churchill (Circle/District line to Embankment)
3.30pm The Harp
5pm The Princess Louise
6.30pm The Blackfriar
8pm The George
9.30pm The Royal Oak

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