The Best Pubs In Borough And Southwark

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The Best Pubs In Borough And Southwark

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We asked you to nominate the best pubs in Borough and Southwark (the ancient riverside area, rather than the wider borough). The results are... highly contentious.

The top couple, in particular, will raise a few eyebrows among those who know the pubs well.

The results

1. St Christopher's Inn, 34 votes
=2. The Goldsmith, 31 votes
=2. The Royal Oak, 31 votes
4. Lord Nelson, 23 votes
5. The Rake, 20 votes
6. The Gladstone, 16 votes
7. Market Porter, 14 votes
8. The Lord Clyde, 12 votes
9. The Dean Swift, 11 votes
10. The George, 10 votes

Plus a further 40 or so additional nominations.

Like a garbled Bible story, Borough's beer Goliaths have been slain by St Christopher. We assumed The Rake would run away with it among craft ale fans. We thought The George might charge to the top thanks to its history and fame. Surely the old-world charm of the Royal Oak and Lord Clyde would see them through? But no. Two relatively uncelebrated drinking dens have topped the list. It has to be said, there was a highly suspicious run of votes for this pair, which had no nominations for well over a day, and then received a slew. The results stand, however. Persuading your customers to vote on social media is as much a sign of a good modern pub as any other attribute... plus, we've all drunk in the other places plenty of times already.

Map of the best pubs in Borough

Green stars show the top 4 pubs. Red pins are the other nominations.

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Last Updated 26 October 2016

Shaun Mooney

Would you ever do one of these for Oval? There are loads of pubs and bars worth celebrating round there.


Why haven't you covered Rotherhithe? Some great history and pubs!


As you mention in the article; those consecutive votes from guest users for the Goldsmith look mightily suspicious.

Were the crawl to ignore the top two and in fact be numbers 3-6, it would probably be the best four pub crawl that these votes have produced - not to be.

David Pryor

Would love to have seen all you guys again,but Monday I can't make due to work commitments. Monday does seems a strange day to hold the walk though. Later on in the week would be better. Anyway any ideas as to where the next walk may take place


The George is without doubt the best pub in Southwark and one of the best in London. Full of history.

Andrew Lukas

I really do not see the point of a pub crawl where you go to unremarkable pubs you could visit yourself any other day of the week. Seems like a flawed process. To be introduced to the Lord Clyde, a hidden gem, would be a joy - delighting Londoners and out-of-towners alike.

Greg Tingey

I call rigging, as you suspect.
Also why anyone would drink in the George is beyond me, as, historic National Trust building or not, the beer is appalling vinegar.

Chris Hall

This is now old and irrelevant. The Goldsmith’s isn’t any more, The Gladstone is under new mgmt and The Libertine, which isn’t on the list, is a far better pub than St Christopehr’s hands down!