We Asked You What's The Best Pub In Marylebone

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Last Updated 23 August 2017

We Asked You What's The Best Pub In Marylebone

Part ‘M’ of our alphabetical pub crawl around London.

A while back, we asked you to nominate your favourite pubs and bars in the Marylebone area. Around 150 votes were cast. Possibly because it's truly wonderful; possibly because someone was jockeying along the votes somewhat; or probably for both reasons, the Barley Mow received about two-thirds of all the votes. Here's the top 5...

1. The Barley Mow (101 votes)
=2.  The Duke of Wellington (5 votes)
=2. The Dover Castle (5 votes)
=2. The Golden Eagle (5 votes)
5. The Windsor Castle (4 votes)

The map below shows where the votes went. Green dotted markers show the top four pubs, which will form our pub crawl. The rest of the top 10 are shown in yellow, while all other nominations are in red. (Note: a red pub doesn’t mean it’s a bad pub…in each case, at least one person thought this was the best, and some might be little-known or on the fringes of the area.)

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