Where Are The Best Pubs In Greenwich?

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Last Updated 05 September 2012

Where Are The Best Pubs In Greenwich?

Part ‘G’ of our two-year alphabetical pub crawl around London.

We asked you to vote for your favourite pubs and bars in the Greenwich area, and you duly obliged. Here are the results. See below for how to join our pub crawl round the top four.

1. The Greenwich Union
2. The Gipsy Moth
3. The Plume of Feathers
4. The Pelton Arms
5. The Old Brewery
6. Oliver's Jazz Bar
=7. The Cutty Sark
=7. The Trafalgar
9. The Guildford
=10. The Admiral Hardy
=10. The Vanbrugh
=10. Richard I

The map below shows where the votes went. Green dotted markers show the top 4 pubs, which will form our pub crawl. The rest of the top 10 are shown in yellow, while all other nominations are in red. (Note: a red pub doesn't mean it's a bad pub...in each case, at least one person thought this was the best, and some might be little-known or on the fringes of the area.)

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Our pubcrawl round the top 4 will take place on Monday 24 September (we always pick a Monday to ensure the pubs can handle a crowd). Here's where we'll go...

6.30pm Meet at the Greenwich Union
7.30pm The Gipsy Moth
8.30pm The Plume of Feathers
9.30pm The Pelton Arms

If you’d like to join us, please email [email protected], so we can keep an eye on numbers. Everyone who comes along gets a Londonist booze badge, and the first to find us gets a tshirt.

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