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Best Of Londonist: Stargazing, Cycling & Pigeons

Photo of the week: Evening sun on East Street by Steven Johnston

This week's best of Londonist is guest edited by reader Nickie O'Hara. Nickie has a confession to make, she lives in the north of England but has unbounded love for her capital city which she doesn’t visit as often as she would like. You can find our more at her personal blog, Typecast and geek blog Geekalicious. Look her up on Twitter @nickie72 and you could take part in the Friday Twiz.

Guest editor picks:

  • Brixton short fiction: I’m a sucker for a good piece of fiction and this account of a Prodigy gig at Brixton Academy finishes too soon. I want to hear more about that higher state of consciousness and the bouncing around, or at least to know if he went to any more gigs and how they compared.
  • Stargazing in London: Living in a light-polluted area means that you miss out on what’s going on above you in the night sky, even on clear nights. However, these tips from the Planetarium Astronomer at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich means that even in the worst conditions, you can make out some of the planets, constellations and hopefully even a glimpse of the International Space Station.
  • Engineering the Underground: Put aside 12 minutes of your time to watch this short video, an animation of old photographs to celebrate the engineering behind the London Underground. And then have a look at Geoff’s latest “Secrets of...” video from the Jubilee Line.
  • London Living Wage rise: With much discussion recently about a Living Wage, this article points out the need for more employers to sign up to the London Living Wage to prevent low-paid Londoners slipping below the poverty threshold.
  • Silent Cacophony: Artistic performances take place on Monday 11 November all over London to commemorate life lived and lost during the two World Wars.

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