Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About London's Pigeons

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About London's Pigeons

Fig. 3 from London Pigeons: A Ten Year Study. "Unlike most animals, pigeons do not have different vertebrae forming a spine, instead they just have one long bone which forms their skull and extends all the way down to their tail bone"

London Pigeons: A Ten Year Study is not just a website about our dovish friends but, in the words of one Reddit user, "a seminal moment for mankind's understanding of pigeons".

Author Luke Taylor, who describes himself as 'an Alfred Russell Wallace for our times', writes a detailed account of our city's pigeon population. Sections include pigeon anatomy (a typical bird has 1.6 feet), diet (a rise in pigeon cannibalism is attributed to the birds' growing proclivity for fried chicken), behaviour (including a superb pigeon population density map), pigeons in society (and how to monetize pigeons), and the future of pigeons (bionic eyes and extraterrestrial colonisation).

It's all backed up with unimpeachable scientific analysis, and state-of-the-art graphics. Do go read.

Fans of online Columbidae should also check out the long-running blog by Brian the Pigeon.

Last Updated 06 November 2013