Discover The Art Of Repair

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 115 months ago
Discover The Art Of Repair

This lovely short film by MadeGood.films looks at the repair shops of Hackney – restoring instruments, electricals, cars and upholstery. In a world where obsolescence is built in, it's good to know there are still places that will take care of items you love too much to throw away. Narrated by Stewart Lee, The Art of Repair won the Prodigy Auteur Prize at the 2013 Amsterdam Film Festival.

This short film was produced by MadeGood.films. Sound mix by Leaf Troup, music written by Jon Cefai & Joe Coen Evans. MadeGood provide free advice on bicycle maintenance. You can also follow MadeGood on twitter - @MadeGoodBikes

Last Updated 04 November 2013