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Get Londonist Where You Want It, When You Want it

Someone said the other day that they thought Londonist was mainly an email. Another said they only know us through our podcast. For us, behind the scenes, it's easy to assume you all look at all the time, as that's what we do, but there are lots of different ways to access our articles, talk to us and share things with us.

Get us in your inbox

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 14.57.15 You can sign up to three different email newsletters:

  • Things to do in London today — last-minute tips, sent daily at 7am, plus you get the weekend listings on Saturday around 8am
  • Londonist daily — links to the day's Londonist articles (we publish 12 or more stories per day) sent to you in a neat digest at 5pm everyday
  • Best of Londonist — a weekly round-up of top stories, photos and things to do, sent early on Sunday morning

Join the fun on Facebook

More than 50,000 people like our Facebook page where we share stunning photos and a selection of articles. We ask capital questions, crowd-source opinion on burning London issues and advertise our occasional events here. Like us for the best London fun, facts and whimsy.

Talk to us on Twitter

Want us to nudge you when we publish new articles? We Tweet links to all our stories as well as to great photos, and top London features from other sources. Sometimes we get talkative of a lunchtime and ask something, like we did with housing horror stories (oh my!) We've got over 140,000 followers and you can join them — follow @londonist and say hi. We are real people!

Do the RSS thing

You still can here.

Share your photos on Flickr

Our Flickrpool just acquired its 6,000th member and there are almost a quarter of a million images of London shared there. Join the Flickrpool and add your images, and your photos might end up on Londonist. We're incredibly grateful to be able to use these images to illustrate stories on the site and to create photo galleries, and do our best to showcase the talent of our Flickr friends whenever possible.

Plus us up on G+

We're not entirely sure we know what we're doing over at Google+ but we're there, and we're sharing stuff and plussing things. We've got nearly 60,000 plusses — is that good? If you have advice for us about what we could do better, please feel free to let us know!

Stalk us on FourSquare

Befriend us on FourSquare and you can count exactly how many pubs and bars we've been to in a week and find our top tips on places around you.

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel

Geoff's Secrets of the London Underground lines can all be found here.

Be a regular Podcast listener

Be sure not to miss out on N Quentin Woolf's dulcet tones, as he explores the capital's museums, galleries and landmarks with interesting guests. Get all podcast episodes free by subscribing on iTunes or find us on Stitcher.

Re-pin us on Pinterest

Pretty things, London things. Suggestions for new boards welcome!

Watch out for Londonist in real life

We put on pub quizzes that aren't in pubs, host talks and walks, get involved with museums, galleries and festivals. For example, we'll be out on a photo walk of Thames Festival on Sunday. Are you coming?

Photo by Linda Wisdom, sourced from the Londonist Flickrpool.

Last Updated 11 September 2013