Video: Engineering The Underground

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Video: Engineering The Underground

We're rapidly approaching the end of the Underground's 150th anniversary, but the films and events continue to arrive apace. One of the best commemorations we've yet seen comes from the Institution of Civil Engineers, whose new video looks at the engineering history of the network.

The narrative covers familiar ground, but the presentation and graphics are sumptuous and superb. The film was put together by Jevan Chowdhury of Wind and Foster, in collaboration with Transport for London and London Transport Museum. It is particularly impressive for the painstaking animation of old photographs.

Book out 12 minutes of your lunch hour to enjoy the film.

Last Updated 08 November 2013

Croydon Radio

Very stylish and nicely made. The animations and effects are a beautiful touch.


A beautifully made film, I would like to see it shown on all tube stations.

Karen Davis

Brilliant Video.Very well made&Interesting.Even the music is Good.Very Catching.It does make you stop and think about all the Hard work that is done behind the scenes to keep London.The Greatest City of All moving

David W

A lovely video. Supurb animations, I got quite emotional..more please..


I used the Tube for several years when I lived and worked in London. What a great tribute to those early pioneers!


great,can i purchase this in dvd as a gift ?

Wendy Soper

I really enjoyed this video so interesting and well produced.


Great Film.
n.b. the Institution of Civil Engineers will most likely not be happy about being referred to as an institute, they get funny about that!


Brilliant- I love transport TOO much!