A Victoria Park Pub Crawl

Image: Royal Inn on the Park by Ewan Munro in the Londonist Flickr pool.

Image: Royal Inn on the Park by Ewan Munro in the Londonist Flickr pool.

Each month, we pick an area of town to explore via a pub crawl. August’s location is Victoria Park. We asked you to vote for your favourite boozers in the area, and you duly obliged. Here are the rankings:

1. Eleanor Arms
2. The Hemmingway
3. The Lauriston
=4. Royal Inn on the Park
=4. The Crown

Just missing out of the top five were the Palm Tree (excellent, unique place… but perhaps a bit far from the park to elicit many votes), the Approach Tavern (ditto), and the People’s Park Tavern (formerly the Britannia). We suspect the Eleanor Arms did a fair bit of hustling, as it had zero votes for the first 24 hours of voting, followed by a sudden wave of nominations that took it to first place. But all’s fair in love and pub-votes, and other sites back up the popularity.

Map of nominated pubs

On the map below, gold stars show the five winning pubs, which we’re going to do a pub crawl around. These five will also find their way into our Best Pubs in London microsite (give it a go, if you’ve not seen it).

Pub crawl

We’re going to run the pub crawl on Tuesday 12 August. If you’d like to join us, please email matt@londonist.com to reserve spaces. (We like to keep an eye on numbers, so as not to overwhelm the bar staff.) It’s always a lot of fun, and a good way to meet other London pub explorers (and you get a Londonist booze badge if it’s your first time).

Here’s the itinerary:

From 5.30pm: meet in The Hemmingway (we’ll reserve some space)
7pm: The Lauriston
8pm: Royal Inn on the Park
9pm: The Crown
10pm till closing: The Eleanor Arms

Londonist Pub Crawls

Having completed an ‘A-Z’ of areas, we’re now choosing other interesting parts of town. Vote-winning pubs will be added to our Best Pubs in London microsite.

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  • AndSOheSAID

    I would suspect it was more than a fair bit of hustling! Gosh. I live in this area and have never heard of the Eleanor or indeed been… having driven past and thought, nah. I’ll have to go and see but don’t have high hopes have to say…

    • ML

      You’ve never heard of it, yet you are aware of driving past it? Cretin! The Ellie is by far the friendliest and best pub in the area.

      • AndSOheSAID

        Yup. I was aware of driving past something that looked like a pub that could have easily have had a BNP flag outside (as stated in the comments here about another pub) so never noticed the name! BUT reading all the lovely comments about this pub here, I’ve been doing myself a disfavour. I’ll definitely come for a visit then.

  • e3_jim

    The Approach Tavern is as close to the Park as the Eleanor and it’s only a little extra to include the Lord Morpeth (fall out the Eleanor and turn left ~100 yds). I’ve lived in this area for over 50yrs and I’ve seen so many pubs close – PLEASE support these local pubs. Walk past the ‘chains’ and enjoy the unique experience that a local can offer!

  • Tim Mears


    Eleanor is blatantly the best pub on that list anyway.

    • MattFromLondonist

      Yup, Tuesday…need a day when the pubs aren’t too busy so that turning up with 20+ people doesn’t cause a massive bar queue.

  • Adam

    The Eleanor is my local … don’t be fooled by the outside appearance – it really is one of the most welcoming, friendly, nice pubs around (and the music on Friday and Saturday nights is fantastic!)

  • Ade

    The Morpeth? Well if you want a bit of ELD/UKIP action…

  • marisviktors

    It’s a crime that the People’s Pub didn’t make the 5. IIt’s the only one that brews its own beer (and very nice it is too). Having said that the Eleanor is a great pub.

  • Smiles

    I think those who have not visited the Eleanor are in for a treat.Over the last few years this pub has steadily attracted people who wn’t to drink sociably in a friendly environment,and serves an excellent pint winning real ale awards. This place. Is an asset to the community .and is now in the jazz circuit attracting artists and provides a great party venue without the need for locals to travel .so those who dismiss it do get to know this pub and you will see why it’s popular .

  • Vaunie

    Hooray for the Ellie! It keeps it simple and that’s why it’s so awesome – great service, great booze, and a lot of love for its customers. After an evening full of gastro menus, moody hipster staff and micro/organic/£5 pints – you’ll love it, too.