What's London's Best Ye Olde Pub?

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What's London's Best Ye Olde Pub?

Part Y of our alphabetical pub crawl.

This one's not actually in London...

We need you to tell us about the best historic or old-looking pubs in London.

As regular readers will know, we're working our way through the alphabet, organising pub crawls to match each letter. Our two and a half year mission is now drawing towards its last orders, as we reach the penultimate chapter.

There is only one area of town beginning with 'Y' — Yeading in Hillingdon. While it does have a few pubs, it's perhaps a bit far out to attract a lively crowd of pub crawlers. So we've decided to theme this month's crawl around Ye Olde Pubs. By this, we mean any pub that looks a bit old. Perhaps it has a fine Victorian interior, or maybe it's a genuinely ancient pub with original beams.

Vote for as many as you like. They can be anywhere in central or Greater London. Vote either in the comments below, on Facebook, or by tweeting to #bestyeoldepub. Pubs don't have to have 'ye olde' in their names, they just need to look the part.

After a few days, we'll tally up the votes and arrange a pub crawl. The winning pubs will also be added to our 'best pubs in London' database. Had a play with it yet?

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Note for pedants: We're aware that the 'y' in 'ye olde' was originally an Old English letter thorn, and wouldn't have been pronounced with a 'y'. But this is surely a better compromise than doing a pub crawl in Yeading.

Last Updated 31 March 2014