The First Ever Crossrail Pub Crawl: Vote For Pubs Now

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Last Updated 26 February 2014

The First Ever Crossrail Pub Crawl: Vote For Pubs Now

OK, you won't actually get to go in the tunnels...but some very nice pubs await.

Our alphabetical pub crawl is nearing its end. We're up to Part 'X'. Obviously, there are no areas of town beginning with X, so we're going to be creative and theme the crawl on Crossrail (as in 'X-rail'), the new cross-town underground railway due to open in 2018. We're betting that this is the first ever Crossrail pub crawl.

There's no way we can do a crawl along the whole route of the line (it's going to run from Maidenhead to Shenfield), so we'll keep things simple and central. The pub crawl will cover the stretch between Paddington and Whitechapel.

So, we need your recommendations for the best pubs near the following future Crossrail stops:

  • Paddington
  • Bond Street
  • Tottenham Court Road
  • Farringdon
  • Moorgate/Liverpool Street
  • Whitechapel

You can nominate as many pubs for each location as you like. Your nominations don't need to be right next to each station, just within vague walking distance. Either leave a comment below, or drop a note on our Facebook page.

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