The First Ever Crossrail Pub Crawl: Vote For Pubs Now

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The First Ever Crossrail Pub Crawl: Vote For Pubs Now

OK, you won't actually get to go in the tunnels...but some very nice pubs await.

Our alphabetical pub crawl is nearing its end. We're up to Part 'X'. Obviously, there are no areas of town beginning with X, so we're going to be creative and theme the crawl on Crossrail (as in 'X-rail'), the new cross-town underground railway due to open in 2018. We're betting that this is the first ever Crossrail pub crawl.

There's no way we can do a crawl along the whole route of the line (it's going to run from Maidenhead to Shenfield), so we'll keep things simple and central. The pub crawl will cover the stretch between Paddington and Whitechapel.

So, we need your recommendations for the best pubs near the following future Crossrail stops:

  • Paddington
  • Bond Street
  • Tottenham Court Road
  • Farringdon
  • Moorgate/Liverpool Street
  • Whitechapel

You can nominate as many pubs for each location as you like. Your nominations don't need to be right next to each station, just within vague walking distance. Either leave a comment below, or drop a note on our Facebook page.

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Last Updated 26 February 2014


Angel near TCR...its like a 2nd home when we rehearse in Denmark St. It's a Sam Smith pub so nice and cheap and tends to be quiet during the day.

Dave H

I reckon the Farringdon stop depends on whether or not the crawl takes place at the weekend.

For weekday crawling, the Jerusalem Tavern would have to be a strong contender, being both excellent and about 3 minutes' walk from the station.

However, the Jerusalem Tavern (and in fact many good pubs in the area) is not normally open at weekends. So in that case, I'd vote for the Craft Beer Co on Leather Lane (about 5 minutes' walk).

Roger Manser

CrossRail to Richmond? Are pigs flying: another crazy Emirates loss-making airline? Boris has money to spend: how about some improved facilities for cyclists?

Peter Twist

Once completed, Farringdon Station will have an exit opposite the East entrance to the iconic Smithfield Meat Market, thanks to the original Victorian goods station railway tunnels which run directly under the Market. Upon emerging in Long Lane, the Old Red Cow will be the obvious choice for thirsty travellers on the Crossrail Pub Crawl.


Farringdon has to be The Old Red Cow, cracking pub and if you sit upstairs you can look into the building site for the eastern ticket office


Paddington area has two rated CMARA pubs I like - The Cleveland Arms on Chilworth Street (about three blocks west of Paddington) and The Victoria, a few blocks south on Strathearn Place. The Victoria is a posh tied Fullers house with proper food in an upmarket area, the Cleveland Arms is that rare working-man's pub with four real ale taps (two guests) - you can get simple meals prepared at the bar.

Don't forget the Beer House on Platform 9 at Paddington - it has an early licence (very handy when you're just off the HEX and still in a different time zone mentally). And it's certainly handy. Craft beers (keg) on tap and in bottle. Expensive.

I've never been a fan of the upstairs Mad Bishop and Bear at Paddington. As a Fuller's pub, it lacks atmosphere (seems to have out Weatherspooned Weatherspoons) and it's a tedious slog to the top floor of the retail mess that Paddington has turned into during Crassrail work (motto "Screw the commuters").

There are plenty of other boozers around Paddington, as you would expect, most aimed at tourists, sports and commuters


And for Farringdon, The Jerusalem Tavern on Britten Street is quirky (tied to St. Andrews brewing). Euston - Euston Tap. Notting Hill - Churchill Arms


Blind Beggar _ Whitechapel