Populist: November 15 - 21

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 110 months ago
Populist: November 15 - 21

The week's most popular posts, and a round-up of what's happening around London

In the news:

  • The confusing situation for Oyster users on National Rail was dissected
  • A Labour politician found himself in hot water after insulting the Queen Boris' biggest fan demonstrated a keen grasp of Doublethink Plans were revealed for a sunken amphitheatre and reflective pool in the Kings Cross gas holder The rector of Imperial College stood down Mile End station: London's only space / time wormhole?
  • BNP leader Nick Griffin revealed his plan to stand for Parliament in Barking
  • West Ham announced a Katy Perry-inspired lingerie range
  • Around town:

  • Don that deerstalker and follow in the steps of Sherlock Holmes
  • Learn all about London's lion Get out and explore the nine best November pubs Hot gigs last week: Rihanna in Brixton and Muse at the O2
  • Photos showing the hell and redemption of Johnny Cash
  • Wanna make yourself a better person? You've got 100 days to do it.
  • We caught up with Sam, the man behind Ghost Signs
  • Last Updated 21 November 2009