We have always been at war with Eurasia

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We have always been at war with Eurasia

He is, you know
Regular Londonistas may recall our coverage of the wit and wisdom of “Sarah, London”, the Mayor's Number One Fan and official Best Friend FOREVAH!

This week, she's at it again, offering her thoughts on the plight of Soho businesses losing their premises to Crossrail. This wave of destruction, she said, was all “thanks to Ken Livingstone's support for this monstrous railway.” His legacy “continues to ruin lives long after he has gone.”

Now wait a minute, someone asked. Wasn't it only recently that Sarah was praising Crossrail to the heavens as a Johnson success story?

Her response is so masterful it’s worth quoting in full:

"I have supported Boris in promoting Crossrail because whatever decisions Boris takes on supporting or denouncing projects proposed by our previous mayor is the correct one. Ken supporting Crossrail was a mistake, because he was Ken, and Ken was a complete disaster. It's a simple concept that I presume you are unable to grasp because you are not a fan of Boris."

A confession of trolling? An incompetent Mayoral PR? Or evidence of a mind that's simply too highly trained for us mere mortals to comprehend? You decide.

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But... isn't Crossrail still Crossrail whoever is mayor? According to Sarah, London, it's bad when Ken backs it but good when Boris backs it? Is Sarah, London actually suggesting that simply by turning his buffoonish visage towards something, Boris Johnson can change the very fabric of the thing in a fundamental and profound way?


I think our Sarah is a believer in the doctrine of Mayoral infallibility.

But only for certain Mayors.


To be fair, I know a lot of people who do exactly this (but in reverse) -- denouncing Boris whenever he does something differently from Ken, then denouncing him again when he supports Ken's initiatives ("ooh look at Boris trying to take credit for Ken's ideas etc etc").

Sarah is somewhat more blatant about it, though. Funny.


The difference is, Dave, that Boris really is ALWAYS WRONG and Ken really is ALWAYS RIGHT.

/fingers in ears/


Slow news day, Londonist?