One Hundred Days To Make Me A Better Person

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One Hundred Days To Make Me A Better Person

josie.jpg Announcing the first project ahead of the 2010 London Word Festival: One Hundred Days To Make Me A Better Person spearheaded by the wonderful Josie Long.

Jacked in New Year's resolutions? Wimped out of NaNoWriMo? Scoff at therapy, coaching and all that? Well here's a way to engage in self improvement your own way, egged on by a bunch of comedians, writers, musicians and other folk. What do you want to do? Learn a language, do star jumps, write a letter, memorise a motorway, commence a project, take a photo - whatever tickles your aspirational glands. When you've plumped for your personal challenge, simply register at the website and make your pledge for your hundred day ambition. Then begin on 1st December.

Follow everyone's progress on twitter @hundredday, in pictures at flickr and on the website. It all builds up to a gig and exhibition of what everyone's been up to at the smashing London Word Festival on 10th March 2010.

What will you do? Sign up now:

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some of the sweet self-improvement pledges so far:

"Maq will Learn some Swedish so I can talk to my wife and family in their native language."

"SarahAndMarko will kiss in front of a different London landmark."