Griffin: Barking

By Jonn Last edited 112 months ago
Griffin: Barking

BNP2.jpeg Europe couldn't hold him for long, it seems. Nick Griffin, the BNP leader who recently told a Question Time audience he only backed the "non-violent wing" of the Klu Klax Klan, has announced his intention to stand as parliamentary candidate for Barking in next year's general election.

An odd choice, perhaps, from a British Nationalist who no longer recognizes London as part of Britain. But we're not going to panic quite yet. Britain's favourite racists may be the second largest party on the Borough's council. But in the 2009 Euro-elections - when, remember, Labour received less than 16% of the vote, their worst results in decades - the governing party comfortably beat the BNP into a weak second place.

Without wishing to tempt fate, Labour is almost certain to do better in a general election. And its vote should be boosted further by a fightback against the BNP. Mr Griffin may have to stay with those dirty foreigners in Brussels for some time yet.

(Image courtesy of Sam the Sham under a creative commons licence)

Last Updated 16 November 2009