Mile End Mysteries: Flying Barriers And Roof Holes

By Hazel Last edited 152 months ago
Mile End Mysteries: Flying Barriers And Roof Holes

Mile End tube station by suburbanslice from the Londonist Flickr pool

Three passengers were injured at Mile End tube station yesterday morning when a plastic barrier between two train carriages came loose and flew into the often very busy platform full of people. Due to speed, wind velocity and how close people have to stand to the edge of the platform during busy times, the dislodged plastic flap managed to give facial lacerations and head injuries to the unlucky three. Two suffered injuries serious enough to require a trip to hospital, but the incident was not deemed serious enough to stop the service.

Bits flying off tube trains are rare and mysterious but why did this happen, and why at Mile End? Could there be a Fortean / conspiracy / bad science link to the big hole in the roof of Mile End station, which seems to have sprouted a set of stairs and various bits of scaffolding? This hole can be clearly seen (and felt, when it rains) from the Central Line westbound platform... exactly the spot where the barrier came flying off. What is it? A space / time wormhole? The East London Bermuda Triangle? A maintenance access point... OF EVIL? We need to know, so we can protect ourselves next time we're in the station, or at least organise a Flashmob with some sort of tenuous fancy dress option. Theories, the more crackpot the better, in the comments below please.

Last Updated 18 November 2009