Folk Olympics: Bright Lights & Horatio Bottomley

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Folk Olympics: Bright Lights & Horatio Bottomley

A fortnightly celebration of the folk history of the Olympic boroughs, in story and song.

In the second week of our third Olympic Borough, Hackney, songwriter Ruairidh Anderson tells the story of Hackney South MP and early 20th Century rogue, Horatio Bottomley.

Over the years London has played host to many gangsters and criminals but one name you're unlikely to find sandwiched between Jack the Ripper and Mad Frankie Fraser is the less terrifyingly named, Horatio Bottomley who sounds more like a sad rejected extra from the Muppet Show than an evil genius.

All songs are free to download from Songs From The Howling Sea. Lyrics can be found here.

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Last Updated 27 February 2012