Folk Olympics: Morris 'Two-Guns' Cohen

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Last Updated 22 October 2011

Folk Olympics: Morris 'Two-Guns' Cohen

A weekly celebration of the folk history of the Olympic boroughs, in song.

In week four of our folk tales from the five London Boroughs, Ruairidh Anderson tells the story of Morris 'Two-Guns' Cohen; adventurer, mercenary and East End lad. A man who didn't live a life of what ifs...

“During a tumultuous time in Chinese history, Morris 'Two-Guns' Cohen found himself at the centre of it all.”

The story is part of Songs From The Howling Sea, a unique project that showcases London tales in video and song. Ruairidh Anderson delivers weekly installments from the five Olympic boroughs, starting with Tower Hamlets.

All songs are free to download from Songs From The Howling Sea. Lyrics can be found here.

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