Ask Boris: One Year On

By Lindsey Last edited 117 months ago
Ask Boris: One Year On

So, as a buoyant BJ sucks the glass testicle from Ken's lap, will London find itself in a sticky mess, or stand proud for a new era?

So pondered we on 2 May 2008, as Boris romped home with the London mayoralty. The anniversary of his election is now just a few weeks away. Following the Dispatches programme the other week and the prospect of us attending the State of London debate on 9 May, what would you ask Boris?

To get you going, consider the Johnson occupied City Hall has seen the tube booze ban, resignations, wiff waff, bendy buses, boxing and latin, neologisms, bankers, C-Charge changes, 2012, Sir Ian Blair, airport analysing, sweary rants and so much more.

Has your opinion of Boris changed? Do you want to ruffle his barnet or are you relishing the prospect of replacing him with Alan Sugar or bringing back Ken in 2012? Is a year long enough to judge anything in the vast and complex world of City Hall? Freewheel and fire away and help influence how we mark the Borisaversary.

If this has got you thinking, you can register to attend the State of London debate on 9th May and ask him something (in advance) yourself.

Last Updated 09 April 2009