Bo-Jo Calls For Bankers To Hand Over Cash (To His Charity)

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Bo-Jo Calls For Bankers To Hand Over Cash (To His Charity)

Boris Johnson Chews The Cud At Davos With The Mayor Of Buenos Aires And A Long Tie
Boris Johnson used a radio interview broadcast from Davos to call for bankers to give up their bonuses (or part of their salary) to charitable causes.

Seems fair to us, we think that providing out-sized bonuses right now is the wrong signal to send during this economic climate - even when many of the bonuses are contractually-obliged.

The Mayor went further, calling the bonuses a 'disgrace', which we can only imagine him uttering with an energetic splutter of indignation.

Now - which charities do you reckon Boris signposted for the bankers to post their cheques to?:

a) Local charities in their area, whose donations are plummeting?

b) Perhaps to those community-based groups that focus on poverty alleviation?

c) How about soup kitchens - vital during this cold snap?

d) Or... The Mayor's Fund For London, which he has just set up?

Answers on a Woolworths Pick 'n' Mix bag, please.

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Last Updated 31 January 2009