Boris Wins!

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Last Updated 03 May 2008

Boris Wins!

Boris Johnson is the new Mayor of London. The Blond received 1,043,761 (43%) first preference votes compared to Livingstone's 893,877 (37%), with Paddick gaining just 10% of the vote. With neither main candidate reaching the magic 50%, second preference votes were taken into account, giving Boris a victory of 1,168,738 votes over Ken's 1,028,966.

The result mirrors local election results all over the UK, where the Conservatives have delivered a savage mauling to Labour councils.

Turnout was impressive, and accounts for the delayed announcement of the result. Around 45% of registered voters turned out, up around half a million on four years ago.

So, as a buoyant BJ sucks the glass testicle from Ken's lap, will London find itself in a sticky mess, or stand proud for a new era?