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Best Of Londonist: New Tubes, Birthday Fever And A Solarbox

Your Sunday morning best-of-Londonist weekly round-up.

Have you spotted any mini protesters at Southbank Centre this week?

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Best pubs in London

We’re building a new website of the best pubs in London (mostly as voted for by Londonist readers). We still have a few areas to explore but we’re asking readers to take a look through what we have so far, and let us know what we’ve missed and where we need to visit next.

Autumnal London, by Luigi Greco on Flickr

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Londonist Has Joined Instagram

Just one of the London-y delights on our Instagram feed

Love a #hashtag? So do we, which is why we've joined Instagram (stylishly late to the party, we know). Come join us — we're at @londonist_com, and we'll be sharing our snaps of the streets of London. Tag us if you've got a corker of a pic that you want us to share. Be gentle with us though — we're still new to this!

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