Islington 20mph Speed Limit Fines Start Today

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Islington 20mph Speed Limit Fines Start Today

20mphThe Metropolitan Police will start enforcing the 20mph speed limit in Islington with fixed penalty notices for motorists from today.

The borough-wide limit was introduced last year, but until now drivers have been given warnings instead of fines as a deterrent. The council has been previously criticised for spending £40,000 on advertising the new limit and then not enforcing it.

Eight other London boroughs — including Southwark, Camden, Hackney, Waltham Forest, Haringey, Lambeth and Lewisham — have since committed to 20mph zones. In July, the City of London became the latest authority to introduce a borough-wide limit. Before that, in June, transport minister Robert Goodwill commissioned research into blanket 20mph limits in urban areas, but stated that it was down to the local authority to decide on its own speed limits.

The 20mph limit only applies to council-managed roads, while major routes managed by Transport for London (TfL) remain at their previously-posted limits. Islington council says that since November 2013, 938 motorists have been targeted in 24 "stop-and-advise" operations across the borough. Executive member for environment and transport Claudia Webbe said:

“We want Islington’s roads to be safer for everyone, and that's why we pioneered making Islington London’s first 20mph borough.

"Most motorists obey the speed limits, but those who don’t can now expect to be prosecuted and risk losing their licence. We’ve worked closely with the police over the past 12 months to target hot-spots where drivers frequently speed, and together we’ve stopped more than 900 motorists to remind them to keep within the limit."

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Last Updated 07 October 2014


So a 20mph limit reduces accidents a bit.... Weve got the figures to prove it... Great... It also causes a great amount of inconvenience and longer journey times for ALL car journeys, deliveries and bus passengers etc on council roads... But we've no figures for that because it doesn't seem to matter even though it actually ends up costing everyone millions in lost time... And we also havent any figures for how much the council hopes to make out of the fines its going to levy on motorists etc... Its just a cash cow scheme thinly disguised as good for road safety.. So where will it end...? If we reduce the speed limit further to 10mph, or even 5mph, then yes, sure enough, there will be even less accidents and injuries on the roads and even more people who might get caught with a fine for going faster than is allowed.... Brilliant! The 38 bus ALREADY has an average speed of less than 5mph across islington borough.. This is not the answer! ... But I wonder whether they might start enforcing Push bikes stopping at red traffic lights laws and fining THEM to... That would help with reducing accidents but NOT increase everyone else's journey times

R Jackson

Certainly much safer cycling in Islington now, I'm a driver too and find that the limit actually improves traffic flow as vehicles do not get as bunched up at junctions. Well done Islington


Consider that it is still perfectly legal to drive 30 mph down a cobbled mews with cars parked on both sides (i.e. one lane) in much of London (and the UK). France has introduced 30kph (slightly less than 20 mph) zones in most centres. Germany and other EU states have 15 kph (10 mph) limits on cobbles. That's how backward we are. We think a few mph "top speed" difference (which will make no difference at all on almost any journey in London) is worth a child's life.

As stated in the story, "main" roads are sill governed by TfL who will set speed limits as needed. So what we are talking about is secondary and residential roads. 90% of Londoners do not drive a car. Cars in London for the most part are driven by people with poor reasoning (I've a few friends who drive everywhere and are always, always late for everything), the filthy rich, the privileged (I know Mayfair hedgies just "have" to drive the Porsche in from Fulham every day and park in their "perk" parking spot) and perhaps a few essential workers (nurses, for example) on odd shifts that can't use public transport (our Tube shuts down at night) but have an employer who can provide parking (like a hospital). Of course, we don't pay nurses enough to actually live in London.

So if you are a nurse on an inconvenient shift... well, at least the traffic should be off-peak. The rest of you lot, get on the bus!

Alex H

I think councils forget that 30mph+ is the speed you get to to reach criminality, it's not the advisory or target speed.