Londonist Listings: Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Ruth Hargreaves
By Ruth Hargreaves Last edited 52 months ago
Londonist Listings: Daily, Weekly, Monthly

... and beer time. And food time. And theatre time. And market time. And poetry time. And music time. And art time...

Here at Londonist we’re constantly on the look out for upcoming things to do in the capital. And when we find them, we don’t snaffle them away like a greedy pig with a cultural truffle. No, we share them with you.

So having just made our way into October, we thought we’d remind you of our regular round-up articles that should ensure your London days are full of… well… whatever you fancy from the below*:


  • Theatre — What's coming to a London stage each month, organised by category
  • Foodie pop-ups — The most interesting-sounding pop-ups, residencies and supper clubs
  • Cocktails — Which cocktail creations to wash down your dinner each month
  • Art — What's joining the London art scene this month? Exhibitions by category and opening date
  • Markets and Shopping — New openings, pop-ups, vintage fairs, arts and craft. It's all here
  • Beer Festivals — Lovers of beer rejoice, a monthly round-up of what you can expect



We also compile one-off round-ups for annual events like Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and New Year’s Eve (all on their way for 2014), and don’t forget to check out our Free London page and Museum and Galleries section too.

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*All the above links go through to the most recent edition of each round-up article.

Last Updated 06 October 2014