Londonist Underground: The Crystal Palace Dinosaurs

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Last Updated 24 January 2013

Londonist Underground: The Crystal Palace Dinosaurs

Continuing our series of original art and photography inspired by subterranean London.

The Crystal Palace dinosaurs have been a south London tourist attraction for around 160 years, dotted around the lake in Crystal Palace Park. Here we see an iguanodon and megalosaurus in a less familiar setting. Artist Matt Bannister, who calls his pen-and-ink sketch Crystal Palace Monsters, explains:

I wondered what the Victorian dinosaurs of Crystal Palace Park might have made of the recent snows in London. I assume that everyone knows they live in the railway tunnel at night, emerging in the early morning to get back on their plinths. Right?

If you've got your own notions and theories about what goes on in subterranean London, send a drawing, painting or photograph to [email protected]. The subject can be fictional or real, so long as it deals with the parts of London beneath ground level.

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