Things Which Do Not Exist Beneath London

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Last Updated 04 January 2013

Things Which Do Not Exist Beneath London

Continuing our Londonist Underground series of original art about subterranean London.

The underbelly of London contains many fascinating caverns, tunnels and spaces. Over the years, numerous mythologies have percolated through this unknown realm. Legends have been created, underground phenomena that are totally invented, yet as familiar as anything we encounter in the real world. American werewolves, the remains of Boudicca, sewer pigs, Wombles... Tim Lambert has sketched out a few of the things that do not exist beneath London, yet lurk transcendentally within the pleated reticulum of London's underworld. Right →

The picture is part of our series: Londonist Underground. We asked readers to draw, paint or photograph an image of subterranean London as part of the celebrations for the Tube's 150th anniversary. We're still looking for further entries. Draw secret tunnels under Fitzrovia, imagine the mysterious creatures who inhabit London's hypogeal realms, or simply take a photograph of something unusual or impressive in your local Tube station. Fact or fiction, be as imaginative as you like.

We're hoping to arrange an exhibition of the best images, so get thinking and doodling. Send entries to [email protected].

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