Londonist Underground: Tube Panoramas

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Londonist Underground: Tube Panoramas

Continuing our series of original art and photography in subterranean places.

Martin Meyrick sends us this pair of 360 degree panoramas, shot on the Northern Line in 1998. Not only are the images interesting from point of view of technique, but also because they show how different the carriages looked only 15 years ago. Dirty brown moquettes, silver panelling, wooden floors and window frames, and cocoon-like dangle handles all look so familiar yet so dated.

We’re still looking for further images for this series…particularly drawings and illustrations (photos are smashing, but have now been over-represented). To enter, simply doodle an image of subterranean London — it could be something factual, like your favourite Tube station; or it could be fictional, like the Shard’s little-known S&M dungeon (actually…let’s keep that one between ourselves). The best images will appear in a real-world exhibition at the Bishopsgate Institute, which we’ll announce more details about shortly…but to be considered, you’ll need to submit your entry to before Thursday 24 January.

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