Londonist Underground: Fish-Eye Tube

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Last Updated 10 January 2013

Londonist Underground: Fish-Eye Tube

Continuing our series of art and photography capturing subterranean London, tying in with the Underground's 150th birthday.

Yesterday's iPad art depicted a platform full of travelling fish. Today's entry in our Londonist Underground series shows what they might see, with some fish-eye photography from the Tube. The shots are taken by Viktor Németh, whose distorted pics of London we've featured before.

We’re still looking for further entries for this series. All you need to do is imagine something — anything — beneath London, and create some kind of image (painting, drawing, collage, sculpture…) to share your idea. The image could be fictional or fact-based — from a balrog's lair beneath Westminster, to a sculpture of a sewer. So long as it’s underneath London, we want to see it. Send entries to [email protected] as soon as possible (no deadline, but we’re hoping to organise an exhibition soon).