Populist: 17-22 January

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Populist: 17-22 January

The week's most popular posts, and a round-up of what's happening around London.

In the news:
  • Parking provoked you in Westminster, average speed cameras didn't make sense and motorcyclists kept commenting
  • InHolborn got you all of a Twitter over MidTown
  • Thames eels are under threat - we suggest why
  • Could London be plastic bag free by 2012?
  • Looking forward to the East London Line reopening, hopefully in April
  • Jumping on the giant face of David Cameron bandwagon made our Friday
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    Around town:

  • Pore over images from English Heritage's archive (check out the Euston Arch!), appreciate the skills of Scott Cadman, identify these locations and rifle through London Transport Museum's new film archive online
  • Too lazy to cook? Try two meal delivery services or have lunch for a fiver, even on Marylebone Lane Coming soon: a one man Lord of the Rings, Eastenders anniversary exhibition, Big Ideas at the Wheatsheaf, Suede reunited and monthly sleepovers at the Natural History Museum Meanwhile, sit back, check out our Slow Club diary and enjoy a pint by a real fire this weekend

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    Comment of the week:

    On Holiday Inn's innovative approach to raising the temperature of their beds:

    It seems a bit unsavoury to me, suppose your bed warmer breaks wind just before you get in... end of the world! By strangebuttrue

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