Average Speed Cameras Target A13

By BethPH Last edited 157 months ago
Average Speed Cameras Target A13

TfL announced today that they plan to introduce average speed cameras on a 7.5 mile section of the A13 by next summer. Interestingly, the area targeted is between Canning Town and the Goresbook Interchange, which as anyone who uses the road regularly knows, is one of the most congested sections though TfL claim the high collision rate as justification for the decision.

We can't help but wonder how many of those collisions were the result of filtering motorbikes being winged by cars performing low speed lane changes and minor rear end shunts as motorists queue in heavy traffic as opposed to being 'speed-related' as claimed by TfL. In fact, we would have thought that the numerous gatso cameras already on that stretch of road would have sorted the speed merchants from the Sunday drivers.

It's the first time that average speed cameras are being proposed for a major London arterial route, but keen followers of motoring news may remember back in 2005 when 5600 motorists fined by an incorrectly signposted average speed camera in Upper Thames Street had their fines refunded.

On the positive side, they're unlikely to catch many people breaking the proposed 50mph speed limit for that section, especially not TfL employees.

Last Updated 18 January 2010