Food Secret's Detox Delivery

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Food Secret's Detox Delivery

Photography by Chris Osburn
Last week, Monday through Friday, we had our breakfasts and lunches delivered to us by Food Secret. All meals came from the restaurant's detox menu (a range of "nutritious but filling culinary offerings... full of essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes that will help eliminate stored toxins and support the body back to optimal health", apparently). As for optimizing our health, we seemed to have a bit more vim in our stride last week. Admittedly Food Secret's selections were much healthier than our usual weekday nosh but, in most cases, were just as tasty.

We liked everything they sent and by Wednesday began to anticipate the next goodie bag delivery. Highlights included a delectable kedgeree wrap (kipper, free range eggs, brown rice, red peppers, cucumber, harissa, flat leaf parsley, baby spinach, tomato and basil vinaigrette in a breakfast crepe wrap for £2.37) a punchy pomegranite salad (pomegranite, cherry tomato, red onion, cucumber, baby spinach, oak leaf and vinaigrette for £2.72) and a hearty miso soup (marinated tofu, celeriac, spring onions, peas, broadbeans, sea lettuce, enoki mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, soy sauce, miso paste and vegetable stock for £5.29). Teas and drinks such as ginger barley water (£2) were welcome additions to our brekkies and lunches as well.

We were generally pleased with the delivery of our meals. However, we must note that they never arrived when or before requested. In full disclosure, Londonist HQ is beyond their usual one mile delivery zone, and we've gotta give 'em props for the timely arrival during Wednesday morning's snowshower.

If you're within a mile of Food Secret's 59 Broadwick Street (W1F QQ) eatery, their healthy breakfasts and lunches are certainly worth consideration. Find out more about Food Secret's menu and the deliveries at the Our Menu page of their website. Read our review of their October '09 opening here.

Last Updated 18 January 2010