Populist: 22-28 March

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Populist: 22-28 March

From top left, clockwise: River Lea ponies, VĂ„ffeldagen, Travel bookshop, Iain Sinclair up St Augustine's Tower

Populist brings you a bite sized round up of the best of Londonist this week. Catch up on the coolest, quirkiest, most recommended and talked about stories and find out what's hot and what's happening for the week ahead.

In the news:

  • G20 explained. Protests abound; here's who, what and where.
  • The incredible Westboro Baptist Church fired up opinion but were thankfully denied entry to the UK
  • The Standard got all worked up over the loss of the bucolic Finsbury Circus to Crossrail but we read the actual documents and told everyone to calm down
  • Who needs a national patron saint anyway?
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    What's hot:

  • Wacko Jacko gossip and rumours - bring 'em on.
  • Roller derby ROCKS. It really is our new favourite sport.
  • Heads up, guzzlers, for waffles, bacon & marmalade sandwiches, chocolate.
  • Get your walking boots on for stage 1 of the London Loop.
  • WIN: Bring Stuff back to the 80s AND the live action graphic design contest, Cut&Paste

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    Last Updated 28 March 2009