Populist: 30 November - 6 December

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Populist: 30 November - 6 December

Populist brings you a bite sized round up of the best of Londonist this week. Catch up on the coolest, quirkiest, most recommended and talked about stories and find out what's hot and what's happening for the week ahead.

In the news:

  • We were amazed it went ahead but relieved that Mark McGowan's re-enactment of the shooting of Jean Charles De Menezes was not conducted in Stockwell station but outside it instead. Our man on the spot captured the hapless and hopeless event at which little was achieved except the disrespectful spilling of ketchup.
  • Apparently, Londoners are very lonely people but the criteria for loneliness was a bit puzzling.
  • Oh no! The ants are coming! Super-huge super-colonies are anticipated as this new breed doesn't leave home once grown up but instead stays with mother to build what could be doom-sized ant empires.
  • There's a recession across the country but there is a secession in the West End. Regent Street declared itself traffic-free for a day to allow Very Important Pedestrians the chance to spend, spend, spend. And they did.
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    What's hot:

  • Christmas shopping! We started our Santa's Lap series with glee: check our ongoing guide to the greatest London gifts.
  • Looking for London's lost rivers. Walk with us, the waterways are wonderful
  • Meet Bourgeois and Maurice, the devastating duo who we encountered doing killer cabaret at the Royal Academy. Their song 'Don't Go To Art School' is a particular favourite there, they tell us
  • We reveal the best place to buy ho fun noodles which involves alleyways and a trip to the factory floor - but it's worth it!
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    Images from clockwise from top left: Bourgeois and Maurice, one of the more unexpected places to find one of London's lost rivers, how the West End looked during its escape from traffic and the recession and how our city will look once the ants have settled in.

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