Cardboard Boxes, Cut Out Guns, Ketchup And Paps

By Lindsey Last edited 167 months ago
Cardboard Boxes, Cut Out Guns, Ketchup And Paps

It went ahead but our worst fears weren't realised; he wasn't allowed into Stockwell tube station or onto the platform, thankfully. With cooperation from the police, Mark McGowan managed to stage his reenactment of the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes outside Stockwell tube on Saturday afternoon but it seems that the biggest local impact it had was to draw out the paparazzi and get a well dodgy cameraphone style video - possibly intentionally for pseudo authenticity - and expose his own operation as monumentally on the hoof, with paps crowding in, cardboard boxes turning the wrong way, hapless PRs gesticulating wildly. The best thing we spotted in this vid was our own photographer, doing his thing.

Is it art? It was certainly spectacle.

Many thanks to Simon Rigglesworth. Our man on the scene.

Last Updated 01 December 2008