Santa's Lap: Authentic Underground Signs

By paulcox Last edited 121 months ago
Santa's Lap: Authentic Underground Signs

Every day this month the Londonist team will be pointing you in the direction of a Christmas present that (with a bit of luck) you won't already have on your list. Climb up onto our collective lap and we'll see what we can move from our sack to your stockings...

This is a big gift, but it will make you a friend for life with any Tube geek. This limited collection of signs were used by the Underground as temporary replacements during maintenance work until the 70s. Their stylish simplicity places them above much transport kitsch, as does the professional framing job. They're sold by Pedlars of Notting Hill, so you're probably best off paying them a visit to check out the collection and talk prices. The website claims the signs start in the £200 range.

If there's someone in your life who would love one of these, you already know who they are. Bonus tip: if your giftee happens to live directly above the Tube line in question, they can rotate the frame a quarter turn for endless amusement. Whatever you do, just please don't give these to the sort of harried commuter who might suffer emotional trauma if faced with a Central Line sign on Christmas morning.

Last Updated 01 December 2008