Secrets Of The Waterloo And City Line

Geoff Marshall, the Guinness World Record holder for visiting all stations on the Underground in one day, concludes his series on the tube by visiting the Waterloo and City Line.

Written and presented by Geoff Marshall. Camera and direction by Dan Haythorn.

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  • 0/10 didn’t even make me hard

    0/10 didn’t even make me hard

    • Geoff Marshall

      no pack of free tissues for you then, that we’re giving away with the DVD …

  • jack

    just realised after watching all the videos… the tshirt worn by geoff corresponds to the tube line colour he is talking about…clever

    • Geoff Marshall

      .. hopefully revealed by all the t-shirts that i wore hanging up in the carriage in this last video Jack, yes!

    • Katherine Kew

      haha, I was just gonna write about the same ‘revelation’ for me!

    • Chris McCanna

      Did you also notice the change of t shirt at Stanmore for the Jubilee Line vid?

  • Brent Museum & Archives

    Try these for a different approach to filming on the tube:

  • Laura Porter

    Not sure how helpful it is to have those ‘mistakes’ in all of the other videos. Have they been updated or are they, essentially, wrong and misleading?

    • Geoff Marshall

      quite a few people spotted them Laura, they’re mostly innocuous apart from big whopper at Chalfont about the 4-car trains! the point of it was to highlight the W&C as the poor ‘forgotten’ tube line as it is, whereas it does deserve merit as a line its own right!

  • DeLeR

    No Secrets of the Magical Robot Skytrain?!

    • Geoff Marshall

      Good call. We should do that …

  • Anonymous

    I don’t want to be a troll about this, but that was just a series of terrible ideas that were poorly executed. This isn’t your thing, I feel I have to tell you this as you seem so smugly convinced that what you’ve done is genius…it absolutely isn’t.

    • Geoff Marshall

      hello Anon! thx! :-) definitely haven’t been trying gone for smug, just highlighting that the poor old W&C is often the tube’s forgotten line, when it doesn’t deserve to be. I hope you at least didn’t know about and liked the crane and/or the greathead shiel and enjoyed them. they’re the best!

    • Geoff Marshall

      (ps. I have voted your comment ‘up’. Anon posts always get voted up!)

  • Chris Reynolds

    So excited about the future disused tube station video! Have they let you film in Aldwych?

    • Geoff Marshall

      lol.. NO! we wish. it’d just be a tour at surface level around abandoned stations. People know where Aldwych, Down Street it – but less so City Road, Mark Lane and Bull & Bush, that sort of thing.

      • Chris Reynolds

        You know London Transport Museum have been doing tours of it recently, right? I went on Saturday. Greatest day of my life!

        • Geoff Marshall

          very much, i’ve been [twice] myself. getting permission to film there though somewhat more difficult!

  • Lampwick

    I really enjoyed these films. Thanks so much for taking the time to do them. Cheers!

  • Dave K

    😀 thanks for the series Geoff. I did (early on) notice the changing shirts and the maps (but not that they were getting older, just different), as I used to work on the W&C I knew the two facts you mentioned and that I also mentally queried the Vic line video about being only one completely underground! Enjoyed each of the videos and little factoids I could squirrel away. Cheers.

  • Dave K

    The sump, locate roughly in the middle of the W&C to put out Thames water that seeps in is known as Queen Vic. Pity no mention of the Travelator though.

    • Geoff Marshall

      Travelator used to be unqiue .. then Waterloo Jube got one as well, so it became less so… i didn’t even call it ‘The Drain’ !

      • Dave K

        Yeah, true…no drain, terrible omission! Lol :)

  • Rob Barnes

    Thanks for making a great series of videos, Geoff… Sad that it’s all over :(
    Did you ever use the W&C on any of your tube challenge attempts?
    You’re right in saying it’s a forgotten line, I forget it exists. Maybe TfL should make it fluorescent pink on the tube map.

    • Geoff Marshall

      never used it on a challenge attempt, in fact – another factoid. chap called Jack Welsby who held the record back before i did in 2002, has *never* been on it in his entire life!

    • Geoff Marshall

      oh, and i think there’s more chance of the ‘split’ nothern line becoming pink than the W&C !

  • burnthem

    How about a tube wildlife film (excluding rats though)

  • Jb

    Hi Geoff,
    I really enjoyed learning about the underground from your videos. However, the unhelpful ‘mistakes’ were confusing and not interesting

    • Geoff Marshall

      Jb, hiya! did you realise they were ‘mistakes’ though as we went along? or only at the end. just highlighting the quirks of the W&C line of which there are not many. and keeping you all on your toes!

  • PendantSquared

    What about the obvious error in this one? The crane shown wasn’t used to lift the carriages in and out. A much larger crane was used

  • Ric Euteneuer

    We could also mention this was once upon a time the only bit of “British Rail” that counted as the tube – and indeed, the tubes were painted in late, lamented Network South East colours. We could also mention the lovely old (and cramped, tiny and uncomfortable) trains that ran on this line for 50-odd years.

  • Fred P

    Does the W&C line count as “entirely underground” when those trains in the video are in the open air? (And so not that different from the Victoria Line?)

  • Kate

    I’ve been trying to figure out if it’s actually possible to go on all eleven lines once without repeating them or leaving the Underground and end up back where you started, using Waterloo as the start and end point. The W&C obviously has to be either first or last. I think first because that gives you a choice of routes back. Unfortunately that means changing at Bank, which is too much in the middle of the map to give you much room to maneuver. My conclusion so far, is No, it can’t be done. But I’ll keep trying.